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This body of work problemitizes my experience of living in Baltimore. These pieces employ an aesthetic that traverses across different components of visual perception to reveal and possibly reconnect the fragmented nature of reality that is at once beautifully in flux and frighteningly static.

                                                                                                                   Whipple 2012

Helicopter Flower
12 x 30" 
Oil and Enamel Panel

Three Sheets to the Wind
12 x 30" 
Oil and Enamel Panel

Neutrinos Attack; Neutrinos Retreat
14 x 28"  (Diptych)
Oil on Panel

Lucky Gloves
12 x 16" 
Oil on Canvas

Falling Satellite
18 x 24”
Oil on Canvas

12 x 12”
Oil on Panel

The Legend
12 x 12"
Oil on Panel

13 x 10"
Oil on Panel

Haunted Balloon
20 x 16"
Oil on Canvas

Bubblegum Jungle
24 x 36"
Oil on Panel

18 x 24"
Oil on Panel

36 x 48"
 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Pending Umbrellas
48 x 72" (Diptych)
Acrylic  on Canvas

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